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On Dec. 12, 2019, Western Libraries will be upgrading to the new Omni Academic Search Tool.

This tool is powered by a collaborative system of team members and resources from fourteen of Ontario's university libraries.

By switching to this system, we'll be able to provide you with fast and easy access to a much larger collection of materials from across the province, as well as many other new features! Keep an eye out for additional updates!

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Online tutorial How to find books
How to find journal articles

Omit The, An, L’ etc if your TITLE starts with that word. Otherwise, start with the first word in the TITLE and type as much or as little of the TITLE as you want.


  • brief history of time (to find the book A Brief History of Time)
  • romeo and juliet
  • journal of adolescent research (for journals, type the full title - no abbreviations)
  • nature| (for one word titles, add the | symbol after the title word)

If there is no match for the title you entered, check the spelling and try alternate forms of the word (e.g.: Year Book or Yearbook, U.S. or US or United States).  If you don't know the exact title, try a KEYWORD search instead.

The TITLE search allows you to find books, journals, magazines, newspapers, government publications, videos and any other type of library material by title.

If the search retrieves too many results, click on the Limit button for more options.

If no matches are found, please ask staff for assistance.


  • If the TITLE starts with an article, please omit the initial article (e.g. a, an, the, der, die das).
  • Type the full name of the Journal/Magazine/Newspaper. Do not type the abbreviated form of the Journal/Magazine/Newspaper.
  • For one word titles add the | symbol after the title word (e.g. nature|)
  • Use the KEYWORD search if you do not know the exact title.


  • Journal of Adolescent Research
  • Annual Review of Political Science
  • Science|
  • Toronto Star

If no matches are found, please ask staff for assistance.

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